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KM1 did math and ELA activities around the 100th day of school. We talked about how we were the same and different from the 1st day of school compared to the 100th day. Then using a 100 chart we made groups of 10s with Fruit loops and other treats. Next, we had fun making Fruit Loop necklaces. Families helped their children celebrate by decorating t-shirts with 100 objects.
KM1 celebrated Black History Month. We talked about notable people in history and discussed the invention of the traffic light by Garret Morgan.
In Kindergarten, classes participated in a virtual Read Aloud of Uniquely Me! read by the author Sheryl Prince. Afterwards Ms. Prince wrote to us: "I thoroughly enjoyed my time with your students and staff. The highlight of my visit was the declarations students made about their uniqueness and their SUPERPOWERS. I hope they continue to hone their special gifts and unapologetically share them with the world."
Km1 Takes Their Writing to the iPad