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Field Trips

KM2 Goes to the Bronx Zoo!
KM1 Goes to the Bronx Zoo!
Kindergarteners went to the Bronx Zoo in April. They learned new animal vocabulary words like "lemurs" and "sea lions" and we had discussions about the animal's habitat.
KM2 Visits the Bronx Library!
KM1 Visits the Bronx Library!
The kindergarten classes walked to the Forham NYC Public library last week.  The librarians read and sang songs with the students in centers. Then the students enjoyed browsing through all the beauitiful fiction and non-fiction books available on the library shelves.
KM2's Trip to Muscoot Farms!
We learned about farms animals and how they are being cared for. We also learned the importance of farms.
KM1 took a trip to Muscoot farm where students were able to see many animals such as chickens, cows, goats, horses and pigs.  They had a blast! Thank you replications.