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Shout Outs!

Shout out to all of our parents who participated in Family Math Night!
Shout out to our Replications tutors who have been supporting tier 1 instruction and our i-Ready groups!
Shout out to Ms. Galgano and all of our teachers who have been integrating fluency work throughout the school day to ensure that our scholars have the foundational skills they need to be successful.
Shout out to our scholars engaging in independent reading and to our teachers for arranging their flow of the day to support this! Independent reading is an incredibly important part of building a love of reading and stamina. Independent Reading should always be a homework expectation. Children K-2 should be using Reading Logs consistently. These should be housed in yellow folders, the folder should also house any reading responses if children do not have a separate reading response notebook. All children 3-5 should have a Readers Response notebook. Please review memo 9 sent separately for this activity.