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Shout Outs!

Shout out to our Saturday Academy teachers and scholars! We had a fantastic first week and look forward to seeing their published books. We are still accepting students in this program. Please send any completed slips to Ms. Krenn.
Shout out to Ms. Franklin and our student dancers. These pictures spotlight classes 2-210 and 5-408. They learned about the street dance style "Tutting", which combines geometric shapes and angles with precise movements of the arms and hands inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphics, sometimes taking on a kaleidoscope type visual. The style became popular in the 1970s and 1980s, pioneered by the Popper Mark Benson aka 'King Boogaloo Tut'
Shout out to Mrs. Cerone's ELT class. They painted beautiful tropical scenes on Friday. With the state tests over the class engaged in some SEL activities starting with Art. These scenes were created by the children when asked: What scene brings peace and relaxation to mind. Children were first led by Mrs. Cerone in sketching using their own perspectives then children painted mixing primary colors. Students learned how to explore colors, process and create an aesthetically pleasing piece that represented their own individuality.
Shout out to Ms. Newton's ELT class, who created Earth Day posters and shared them with the class.
Shout Out to...Ms. Montero and her Hydroponics Scientists! We are very proud to announce that our PS 85 Science Fair team came in the FIRST PLACE grouping this Saturday at the D10 Science Fair. This means they are off to the borough wide Science Fair Competition!
Shout out to Attendee and Ms. Nunez for making the day fun for the children of our district community who were there! Also shout out to Ms. Beepat who took the time to be a district judge at the event! This team's commitment and service to the community shows why PS 85 is the BEST beyond the doors of our school... we appreciate you all!
Shout out to our Saturday Academy scholars and teachers! They celebrated their learning with writing, art, and dance. You are welcome to check out the interactive rainforest experience in the MLC on Monday or Tuesday. Be sure to scan the QR codes to see and hear the students' learning.
Shout out to class 405 for creating their Earth Day posters!
Shout out to class 210 for showcasing their social studies learning with community posters.
Shout out to Pre-K M8 for making Tacos and enjoying a recipe they put together as they celebrated Cinco De Mayo.