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North Manhattan Improvement Corporation (NMIC)is offering:

Free Security Guard Training - 8 and 16 hour Certificate course.

  • 3 week program for job seekers: Fireguard Certificate, CPR/AED Certificate and Customer Service Certificate.
  • Open Monday - Thursday from 9:00am -12:00 pm
  • Contact: Ms. Mabiala(212)822- 8324, Ms. Rodriguez(212) 453-5397 or Mr. Ortega (212) 822-8301

Free Home Health Aide Training.

  • Contact Ms. Bautista (212)822-8157

Location: 45 Wadsworth Avenue, Manhattatan

North Manhattan Improvement Corporation(NMIC)esta ofreciendo:

Entreiiamiento gratuito de Guardia de seguridad - Curso de certificado de 8 y 16 horas.

  • Programa de 3 semanas para solicitantes de empleo: certificado Fireguard, certificado, CPR/AED
  • certificado de servicio al cliente. Abierto de lunes a jueves de 9:00 a.m. a 12:00 p.m.
  • Contacto: Sra. Mabiala (212) 822-8324, Sra. Rodriguez(212) 453-5397 o Sr. Ortega (212)822-8301

Entrenamiento gratuito para asistentes de salud en el hogar.

  • Pongase en contacto con la Sra. Bautista (212) 822-8157

Ubicacion: 45 Wadsworth Avenue, Manhattatan

The Bronx Educational Opportunity Center is offering tuition-free college programs.

Contact Paula De Eljaide, College Advisor (718) 530-7041.

Free Master Barber Licensing Course

There are certain requirements that you must meet. Call(718)530-7000 for further information,

Location: 1666 Bathgate Avenue, between 172nd and 173rd Streets

A partir del lunes 5 de febrero de 2018:

El centro de oportunidades educativas del Bronx esta ofreciendo programas universitarios

gratuitos de matricula. Contacte a Paula de Eljaide, Consejera universitaria (718) 530-7041.

Curso de licencia Master Barber gratis

c. Hay ciertos requisitos que usted debe cumplir. Llame al(718)530-7000 para mas informacion,

Ubicacion: 1666 Bathgate Avenue, entre las calles 172nd y 173rd street

If you live in Section 8 housing, you are eligible for programs from the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation (NMIC) that assist in employment and employment training and citizenship and immigration.

Si vive en una vivienda de la Seccion 8, usted es elegible para recibir programas de Northern Manhattan

Improvement Corporation(NMIC)que ayudan en la capacitacion laboral y en sei-vicios de ciudadania e immigracion.

SUNY Bronx Educational Opportunity Center is offering tuition free official certifications in Microsoft Word,

PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel and Access. The first module is Word.

There are certain requirements that you must meet.

Call (718)530-7000 for further information

Location: 1666 Bathgate Avenue, betiveen 172nd and 173rd Streets

SUNY Bronx Educational Opportunity Center ofrece certificaciones oficiales gratuitas en Microsoft

Word,PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel y Access. El primer modulo es Word. Hay ciertos

requisitos que debe cumplir. Llame al (718)530-7000 para mas informacion.

Ubicacion: 1666 Bathgate Avenue, entre las calles 172nd y 173rd street

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