The P.S. 85 Weekend Show January 23  

Weekend Show 1 24 15 .wmv

Congratulations to 2-417's Amanda, Briceyda, Jaydan, Erika & Mohammad for reviewing "The Recess Queen." It sounds like a fun book to read!; shout-outs to 4-111's Marlon & Makyia and 4-209's Ryan, Meia, Jeremy, Christopher, Aby, Ashley, Michae, Dary, Anahi & Magaly for interviewing Native Americans!; and more shout-outs to The Directors' Club for interviewing kids on class pets, messes, behavior, likes and improvements!
To see 2-410 and The Directors' Club's seven "Parts of Speech: Prepositions" videos, go to the MLC page! 

What do you like about PS 85 and what would you change about it? Go below to see how students answered those questions!  

Read one hour each day this weekend and earn 12 steps! 
Read two hours each day and earn 24 steps! Think about it!!!

Public School 85 is committed to nurturing the intellectual, 

physical, social and emotional development of all children and adults in our school.

Technology and the Arts will support the differentiation of teaching 

and learning within small learning communities.

Our school family, together with our neighbors will cooperate 

in maintaining a safe, caring, respectful, and exciting school environment.

Today … Tomorrow and for the FUTURE...


Opinions about PS 85 by The Directors' Club & 4 5 B211.wmv

                               SHOUT-OUTS to 4/5 B-211 & The Directors' Club for sharing their opinions!

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